FAQs About Bail Bonds

What is a Bail Bond?

In the simplest terms, a bail bond is a contract we write that guarantees to the court that the person we are providing the bail bond to will make their appearance in court on the set dates. As long as the individual appears in court on their set dates as ordered by the judge, then the bail bond remains in good standing. In the case that the individual does not come to court on the set dates, the court immediately informs the company providing the bail bond. Once notified, it is the duty of the bail bond company to surrender the individual back into custody of the court. If the bail bond company cannot bring that person back into the custody of the court, they must pay the entire bail bond amount set by the court.

What are the costs around obtaining a bail bond?

The cost of a bail bond is 15% of the amount set by the court; this 15% is unfortunately non refundable, by law this fee is required by Nevada law to be paid to the bail bondsman, in order to give further incentive to follow the conditions of the bail set out by the court. In some cases, there is the possibility to acquire a payment plan for a percentage of this fee, in order to work with an individual unique financial situation.

What if an individual misses one of their court dates?

If an individual misses their court date for any reason, you must contact us right away. It is important to maintain communication because we can work with the courts to resolve the violation of the bail terms. We are able to help you have your bail bond reinstated, and keep the individual out of jail for the remainder of the court proceedings

When are the terms of my bail bond complete?

The judge will exonerate your bail bond in court at the completion of the case. Once exonerated, the bail bond is complete.