CCDC Inmate Search – Clark County Inmate Search

Here at Bailed Now Bail Bonds, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to find your loved one. If they are being held at the Clark County Detention Center, you may use the form below to look up their Inmate Information, Case ID and if they have a set bail amount.

If for any reason you cannot find who you are looking for, call 702-850-5245 and we will locate where they are being held in Las Vegas.

CCDC Inmate Search

Use the form below to locate a Clark County Detention Center inmate.

How to use the CCDC Inmate Search

Follow these instructions to use CCDC Inmate Search to lookup a Clark County Detention Center Inmate.

  1. Use the CCDC Inmate Search to lookup an inmate.
  2. Call the CCDC Inmate Search Phone at (702) 850-5245

When using the inmate search keep in mind that inmate information will not be not be given out by email, and inmates under the age of 18 will not be displayed online. Inmates in protective custody will also not be displayed in the online search for their own safety. If you’re looking for someone in protective custody or under 18 years of age call our help line at (702) 850-5245 and we can look up the information of the inmate.

CCDC Inmate Search Instructions: You will need to enter at least 2 letters of the inmate’s last name, or provide either the inmate’s Detention Center ID or use theirJustice Court Case Number to look up their file. When using their last name to search, it’s recommended that you provide as many letters as possible of their name in order to narrow the search to find the most relevant inmates with that name. Finally, click the submit button to begin your search and a list of names will appear on the screen. From these names, you can find the full name of the inmate for which you are searching.

Once you find their name, click to continue to the next page to view the case details such as their Inmate ID, Case ID, their charges, their release date and their set bail. 

CCDC Inmate Search Disclaimer

Please be advised, unidentified inmates cannot post bail until they are identified by the Clark County Detention Center’s fingerprint process. If you have legal identification of an inmate that needs to be provided, contact us at (702) 850-5245 with the inmates information and we will help provide it to the Clark County Detention Center.

Please Note: We are is in no way affiliated with CCDC or Clark County, the above form is provided by and is embedded here as a matter of convenience.